Mountain View Farm

Naturally raised Beef and Pork

Beef and Pork

whole or half


We would be more than happy to raise an animal for you. Beef are $4.00 lb hanging weight plus processing, this is for a half or whole. Pigs are $800 for a whole and $400 for a half. 100lb of your choice of beef, pork or chicken $500


By the cut



Hamburg Patties    



NY Sirloin               

Sirloin Tips             


Delmonico (RibEye)

Minute Steaks          

Top Round               

Stew meat               

All roasts                

Heart & Liver            

Dog Bones              




Country Style Ribs         

Breakfast Sausage loose

Sweet It Sausage loose 

Sweet It Sausage Links 

Spare Ribs Side             

Fresh Ham Steak            


All roasts                         

Heart & Liver                    

Whole Chicken

4-5lb chickens                 


Loin Chops

Round Steak

Shoulder Arm Chops

Rib Chops

Leg Sirloin Chops



Mountain View Farm

Providing customers with the highest quality beef, chicken, and pork.

We are located in the western foothills of Maine with a view of Mt Washington and Pleasant Mt, hence the name Mountain View Farm. We started farming August 2006 with some beef cattle, by April 2007 we had cleaned the barns up and were milking cows. In December of 2017 we decided to stop milking and concentrate on the beef cattle. Our beef herd is made up of Red Angus and Pinzgauer cattle.

We custom raise animals, whether it be a whole cow or half a pig, we can do it for you! We also sell Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Pork at several farmers markets. We can be found at the Harrison Farmers Market Harrison ME, Fridays 1-5, Norway Farmers Market Thursdays 2-6, Windham Farmers Market on Saturdays 9-1and Bethel Farmers Market Saturdays 9-1. We have a farm store at the farm that is open all year.

We have a farm stand at 408 Walnut Hill Rd North Yarmouth ME. We sell seasonal vegetables, meats, breads, goat cheeses and goat products, and much more! Stop by to get your next meal! 

You can also find our meat being served at Norway Brewing Company, Norway Maine.